Pizza Hut SBI Offer – Get Up To 100% Cashback On Voucher

Pizza Hut SBI Voucher Coupon Offer – Today In this article, I will be sharing Pizza Hut Cashback offer for SBI bank customers. As we know, There is an application called as State Bank Rewardz that behalf SBI group. Today, I will use that application to get up to 100% Cashback on Pizza hut voucher coupon.

The offer is full of loot so please try to get it very fast because it can be expired due to out of stock.

Here is the complete guide & detail about this Pizza hut SBI Cashback offer. See amounts have to pay us here.

Pizza hut SBI Bank Cashback Offer

In Short, SBI bank offering Pizza hut worth ₹1000 voucher coupon to paying only ₹250 + ₹40 tax.

Get Up T0 100% Cashback Offer Pizza Hut Vouchers With SBI Bank

Follow steps below to avail this offer:

  1. Here is the offer page or you can download State Bank Rewardz mobile application to make it very much easier & quick transition.
  2. You must have an account of there, If not then please go for creating a new one.
  3. Now login with you account.
  4. In the app, You have to follow these options.
  5. Open category  >> Gift card >> Merchandise  >> Gifts Voucher & Cards> Gift vouchers  >> Food and Beverage And Select Pizza Hut Gift Voucher ₹1000 Then Add To Cart.
  6. Using website you have simply click on buy now to add to cart then place the order.
  7. If you have no enough amount in your SBI rewardz app then its ok we can use our SBI card also to pay rest of amount.

Terms & Conditions:

We can not get more than one coupon using one SBI debit card. The voucher coupon will redeem only on offline at Pizza hut store. In case, If the user has lost voucher then no one will be responsible for that so no replacement there.

Haven’t experience to using vouchers at Pizza hut? It is very simple process even more than cash I think so. You have to order foods want to take. To be sure completely – Give the voucher code at reception or payment counter to confirm once. The worker will tell you about value & validity of the voucher. Now you can give an order.

I made this Pizza hut Cashback offer very quickly so may be missing something here. If there is anyone who wants help regarding this, Say your query in below comment box. I don’t have any idea of getting off this but stocks can be done anytime so please be fast.

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