Payzapp 200 Cashback Offer On ₹100 Mobile Recharge

Here is the extra Cashback offer from Payzapp. Extra means, You will get money back more than your recharge value. You just have to do ₹100 mobile recharge and Payzapp will give you ₹200 back. There is one limitation, this Payzapp 200 Cashback offer is valid for selected users only.

This offer can avail by  Payzapp specific users only. Please check your phone inbox, They will send you in SMS about it. If you have got that SMS then do not miss offer and don not delay anymore. Avail it now because it can close due to out of stock.

Recently, I made a post on Payzapp recharge offer which may be expired now. That is about ₹50 cashback on recharge of ₹200. You can try it for this time because I am completely sure about the ending time. Please do everything at your own risk. Before doing this we should get help from customer care to be completely sure.

Payzapp 200 Cashback Offer.

How To Avail Payzapp 200 Cashback Offer?

As I said, It is an account specific offer so we don not have to use any Payzapp promo code to make recharge and get Cashback. Please follow steps below –

  • The offer will avail only using its application so please install it now. Click here to download.
  • Please sign-up for an account. You can also login to using your old ID & password if having the SMS.
  •  First, you have load money in the wallet so please add ₹100.
  • Now make recharge using that added money ₹100 and pay with Payzapp wallet.

Once you have successfully made recharge then please wait. Your ₹200 will not back instantly on that time. It can take 5 working days to credit to your account.

Terms & Conditions:

We can avail this offer by making our first transition via Payzapp wallet for mobile recharge. You can get this benefit to loading money & sharing, Valid on recharge only.

Payzapp has all the complete rights to close this offer anytime without sending us any kind of notice. In case you are getting failures while transitioning then, no Cashback will credit.

I will try to make an update soon. Please make use of this to get the extra benefit on recharge.

We have much enough time according to its validity date. It will valid till  31st August 2016. I will recommend it to avail it very fast. Please share your voice about this Payzapp 200 Cashback Offer. Thanking you very much, I hope you liked the article.

The offer is still working well. You would like to play with it without delaying anymore.

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