FreeCharge DELIGHT Offer – Get Cashback Between ₹20 & ₹80

FreeCharge Delight offer and promo code – Delight is the new freecharge promo code works for only new users. To using this promo code a new user will get cashback between ₹20 and ₹80. We can use it for mobile recharge as well as bill payment. The cashback amount is not clear. You can get any amount between ₹20 & ₹80. It depends on our luck. Lets test, How much you are lucky with FreeCharge. This key will work on the app as well as the website.

FreeCharge Delight Promo Code Offer To Achieve Cashback

In this section, I am going to show how to use Delight promo code to get Cashback? Follow me…

  • Login or create an account on FreeCharge.
  • Go for do mobile recharge or bill payment. Please choose your operator and number.
  • Initiate an amount, It must be ₹20 or above.
  • In the next step, You have to apply this promo code – DELIGHT
  • Once the code successfully applied then please complete the payment.
  • You will get Cashback soon in your FreeCharge wallet.

Terms & Conditions:

You will get Cashback on the successful transition and it should be done till 2nd August 2016. Only FreeCharge new users will be able to avail this offer. You must have to make the transition with ₹20 or above. It is the minimum recharge value. One user could avail it only one time. The Cashback can take some time to reach in the wallet.

Please make use of that money within 185 days from the date of credit and it is non-transferable. It will Not valid for loading Cash and making payment via Freecharge wallet balance & NetBanking. Do not use Virtual cards and International. The cards are issued by outside of India that will not valid for payment.It will not valid for Airtel transactions. We can enjoy this offer using app & website both. FreeCharge has all the right to delete this offer without sending any warning. It also reserves right to reject any account to give Cashback.

I hope it was much helpful to get Cashback on freeCharge using delight promo code. The last date of this offer is 2nd August 2016. Make it yours before this date. Please say your voice in the comment.

InOne App Loot – Get ₹20 Free Recharge On Sign-up

Inone app loot Trick – Here is the new free recharge loot application which providing ₹20 mobile recharge on sign up as well to refer one friend. With the use of this single app, we can deal many works such as booking cabs, Food, Movies, Grocery, Services, Shopping, and news also. In this loot trick, I will guide you to earning recharge using this app.

InOne App Loot trick

This trick may expire soon so please hurry up lets make it yours now. I do not know the minimum redeem amount but you could redeem the sign-up bonus reward. Application size is not much small or big. You can download it spending approx 18mb.

How To Earn ₹20 Free Mobile Recharge to Loot Trick Of Inone App?

  • The same process we will do, Start with downloading & install the app. Click here to download from Google play store.
  • Now enter your email id and mobile number to register.
  • You will have to enter some more information so please proceed by filling all of them.
  • That’s it you have done with the dashboard. Now click on one cash option.
  • ₹20 will be added there. You can use it to recharge your number.
  • Go for recharge section enter your mobile number and that’s it, You made it.

Do you want to earn more? There will an option to share it. On each share, it will give us more ₹20. Here is the complete guide about its refer and earn unlimited trick of inone app.

Click on refer or share section. That will be in the application menu. Copy the link and the code also. Now, You have to share both with another person like your family friend whatever. When any one of them will use you code and link to install inone application then you will get the referral reward.

I will recommend you to make use this Inone app loot trick. It is much beneficial and very easy to do.

Bookshelf app Refer and earn Rs 50 free recharge

Bookshelf app refer and earn trick to get Rs 50 free recharge. It is kind of Social app for renting and lending books in your area for free. Now this comes with an exclusive reward referring the app. You have to share this with five people. It means we will get Rs 10 to each share but 50 is the minimum amount to redeem.

In this article, I am going to guide you about Bookshelf app loot trick using we can make mobile recharge for free. There are no investments, Just take a start with the app. Sharing 5 people is not kind of hard task comparison the value of the reward. Hurry up lets make it now.

How To Earn Rs.50 Free Recharge To Refer Bookshelf App?

  1. In the first steps, We have to download Bookshelf application. Click here.
  2. Install to open. Now you will see introduction about it. Skip them or read is your choice.
  3. It is time to connect, We can use Google as well as Facebook to get an account.
  4. Now you have to setup your profile then choose gender, age, about and enter this code – gaura8991
  5. If the device GPS is off then please switch to on. Select the location where you are living now.
  6. Now you have the dashboard to see all the activities. Dashboard will show us all of the stats.
  7. There will be an option as “Share Promotion” Tap on that, It will ask to enter code then please input this to apply – gaura8991
  8. Steps number 7 is to do if the user could not enter the key at beginning while step number 4.

You must have to use that key to get your own key.

These are methods are used to complete the installation process. a user will eligible to earn the reward now. Here are some more and important refer and earn methods which using we have to collect free recharge.

Bookshelf app refer and earn free recharge loot.

Click on user profile icon and select share/promotion. You will get a code, Tell to referred people to use that. Once the same process is done 5 five times then you will get Rs 50 free mobile recharge. The account state may take some time to update your referral scores.

The rating of this application is good and I also read some user-written reviews they are also happy to use. The size is also small, It will not reduce much data to download. The actual size is 8.5Mb but it can more with a new update. The current version is 3.0. Your device must be 4.0.3 or above to install it.

Bookshelf free recharge loot trick – How to redeem mobile recharge?

Go for promotion option again and tap on redeem. If you are eligible to redeem then it will open a page. Select the option, Complete some basic information like phone number, operator name etc. After some time you will get a successful recharge message. The minimum amount value is Rs 50 to make.

Bookshelf Free recharge redeem methods

To use this Bookshelf app loot trick we can earn free recharge but the scheme in not for the lifetime. You should not delay anymore just begin now.

Cvalue Free Amazon Vouchers – Extension To Free Shopping Coupons

Cvalue Free Amazon voucher offer – Cvalue is an excellent chrome extension that compares pricing and products from different online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and snapdeal. Now, Cvalue is offering free Amazon vouchers to the users. All you have to do is refer the Cvalue extension to 5 friends and you will get Rs 100 Amazon voucher. Just follow the steps below to win the free Amazon vouchers from cvalue.

How To Earn Free Amazon Vouchers From Cvalue?

  • First of all, You have to install its extension. Click here to install.
  • It will ask for your email id then please enter correct because there you will get the sharing link.
  • Once the extension has been installed please check the email account you gave.

There will be an email such as in image

Cvalue Free Amazon Vouchers.

Now copy that link and share that with your other friends. When you will complete your 5 refer then Rs.100 Free voucher of Amazon will credit for you.

Terms & Conditions

You can redeem worth 100 rupees voucher after complete 5 refer. It may provide us a unique login platform. Creating copy emails, signing-in from various devices, multiple sign-ins from a device and holding more than one account per user in order to illegally get referral advantages are not relevant and we will not accept such codes. You can get this offer using PC only and it requires chrome browser.

I have chrome app in the mobile phone so why PC? There is difference between PC & mobile apps. Here is the major difference that we can use this extension on PC and laptop chrome browser.

If you need any kind of help then they also provide support facility for their customers. Just contact the support team via this email address –

Benefits of Using this – Just leave it beside the reward benefits. I have mentioned almost everything you should know about this. To using this we can find great deals with good price sorting. You can filter best deals by price.

Mobikwik NEW100 Promo code – Get Cashback On Adding Money

Mobikwik opens a new loading money promo code which using we can get cashback to adding money to the wallet. The offer & promo code is useful for only new users. In this article I am going to show all the facts of Mobikwik NEW100 promo code and You will learn how to use it to get Cashback. Users who have an account already on Mobikwik they could not achieve this. If you thinking to create a new one then you must have a mobile phone where you never ever installed the Mobikwik app.

Mobikwik NEW100 Promo code

If you having an account already then there is nothing for you. here are the 21 Best HelpChat Cashback Offers And Promo Codes – Complete List This will really help you to save your money on recharge.

Here In which we are going to add Rs.70 or above amount and by applying the new Mobikiwik add cash promo code we will get back Rs.30. There is one minimum amount to apply the key so you must have to add at least 70 Rupees for the Mobikwik wallet.

Methods To Avail Mobikwik Add Cash Offer Applying NEW100 Promo Code

I will not more time now. Lets start with following steps.

  • The very first thing is to start, Install Mobikwik application. It is avail for several kinds of mobile operating system. You can download it for Android mobile, iOS as well as Windows phones.
  • After complete install and download please open to create an account. While creating the account you may need to provide some information such as you Name, mobile number etc.
  • Please initiate money, Rs.70 or above to load to the wallet.
  • There will be an option to use Mobikwik promo codes there please enter this one – NEW100
  • Complete the payment. That’s it, You did all the steps you had to do to get this offer.

The Cashback may not credit at the same time. You have to wait, It can take 24 hours to credit in. Please do steps carefully.

Mobikwik NEW100 Promo code Add Cash Offer details

Here we will get Rs.30 back on loading money of Rs.70 or more. The offer will valid only on application. You can apply the code on all platform which supports its application.

The Application you will use to avail this offer that must be an updated version. The version should be version 10 or above. The minimum spent amount is 70 Rupees.

One user could be able to apply for this offer only one time. The user must be new, It is not possible with old users. There is any predefined date to expire the offer.

OlaMoney SBI Card Offer – Get Full Cashback on Adding Money

OlaMoney SBI Card Offer –  This is an exclusive presentation to OlaMoney for SBI customers. They can get Full Cashback on depositing money. Before try to get this offer you should have SBI credit card. This is not about the only be a customer. There might be many SBI customers they account but not having a credit card. There is an OlaMoney promo code which we will use here.This is really very interesting offer from OlaMoney company. We can get Full Cashback on adding money worth Rs 175.

How To Avail OlaMoney Full Cashback Offer Using SBI Card?

There is one minimum amount that must be loaded, Rs 150. You can also add more than it but don’t try with less. It can show errors and coupon code may not apply.

Follow the steps below-

  • First of all, Download the OlaMoney application. Click here…
  • To avail this offer, You need an account. IF you have already one then login otherwise create a new one now.
  • Now click to add money. There will some option to enter the amount so please enter as your choice.
  • In the next methods, we have to apply the OlaMoney Add Cash offer promo code which is here – SBIOLA150.

Now time to do payment. As I am saying, It will valid to making payment via State bank of India credit card then use that and complete the payment.

OlaMoney Full Cashback Offer On Adding Money – Terms & Conditions

There is some issue with BIN numbers only these are allowed – 517252681,517252682,472642684, and 472642685. I don’t know what is it so can not explain any point about this. You can search all information on the internet with the help of google.

As I know, BIN stands for Bank Information number. There are some digits of the number which may be printed on the credit card. Read more about What is a ‘Bank Identification Number – BIN’  The website I am linking here that is based on foreign country. Please be 100% sure then try. Call your SBI bank customer care they will help you all about it. You can also go to SBI bank for inquiries about it.

You can add the money to your requirement just that should be 150. There is one condition, We can get Only Rs 150 maximum Cashback. You can get it again but not in the same month. Just try in next month if the offer has stocks then it can be a successful transition.

You Might Also Like:

I have already told about Promo code which has to apply. Here is again – SBIOLA150, Do not make any word mistake to avoid the failure.

If we talk about the validity then we have much time. It will valid till  valid till 30th Sep 2016. We can not club it with any other offer. One user will be able to claim it once.

Mobocharge App Loot Trick – Free Recharge & Free Texting

In this new article, I will introduce you with Mobocharge app loot trick. It is a new free recharge earning app use to make mobile recharge as well as free texting. This all features and profits making you more excited to grab it. I can understand the feeling. But the Play store reviews saying something very bad about it. There are some users who did not get anything to installing it or doing kinds of steps. They did not get the rewards what Mobocharge app promised. Actually, I don’t have much idea about this one because did not try yet. I will recommend you to taking a chance with Mobocharge app to make mobile recharge for free.

Mobocharge App Loot Trick for free recharge.

How To Earn Free Recharge With loot trick Of Mobocharge?

Here is the reward which is you will get. You should know before getting start with it. It is giving Rs 20 to invite another person to download. There is more Rs 5 to sharing SMS.

Now the steps we will have to follow-

  • First of all, You have to download it. Click here.
  • After the complete installation open and enter the mobile number. You will kind of code wich using has to verify the account.

There will be lots of apps downloading them we can collect free recharge. You can also select offers to earn more. Lets sharing it with your other peoples and enjoy more rewards such as recharge for free.

This app is also similar to others we used to get those benefits. There is kind of differences such as the new pieces of stuff to download and offers which allow good earning.

Note: After downloading apps, it does not mean that have to install only. You must have to use them for some time. The time will be noted there.

This Mobocharge app loot trick has some its own limitation that must be taken care. The rewards value will change daily. You will also see new ideas & methods daily.

Nearbuy Offer and Promo code – 10% Off On Purchase For all users

Nearbuy comes up with a new Promo code making it in use we can get 10% off to purchase. We have seen many Nearbuy offers and promo code to get discounts. But this one is very cool. To applying any promo key we have to make the purchase at a fixed price.

Nearbuy Offer and Promo code.

Here, To apply this code we are free to shop with any budget. There is no any minimum purchase value. This 10% offer will valid on all kind of buy from Nearbuy. Good offers have one problem their socks can out quickly. You should not delay anymore. We can avail this offer on the website as well as application. Doesn’t matter you don’t have a smartphone.

How To Get 10% Off Nearbuy Offer Applying the New Promo code?

  • The very first thing that we have to visit the website of nearbuy.
  • Create an account or login with you having already.
  • Add to cart the goods you want to purchase.
  • In the next step, You have to apply this promo code – LENSKART10
  • Once the code is done successfully please complete the final payment.

While making payment we can choose any mode. There might be wallet offer choosing Cashback can possible. I don’t know anything about that but you can search.

Terms & Conditions – New Nearbuy Promo code and offer: There is not anything serious to care about that. But please do the payment if the code is in working condition. If that is expired and not working properly then you can face problems to get the 10% Off.

New user and as well as old can avail this. It will work for all users. There no any fixed date to get it expiry but it can soon. I think it is working until the socks are in. Please get this nearbuy offer soon as it is possible otherwise you can miss a good chance to get a good discount.

TCL 562 Tips and Tricks – Specifications & Antutu benchmark

TCL 562 is smartphone device which recently launched in India via Amazon. Actually, It will be launching in 28th July but booking has started On Amazon India. In this article, I am gonna to open all the TCL 562 Tips and tricks. You will get almost all the features, Information, Specifications and much more within this post.

The TCL 562 Smartphone coming with lots of features such as Fingerprint scanner. I know this technology happened with many mobile but we see the Price of TCL 562 in India is  Rs 10,999 only at. In that price range, there are s0me smartphones available with fingerprint but not like this. So guys without wasting much time to begin.

TCL 562 Tips and Tricks – Best Features & Specifications Points We will See.

  1. Design structure.
  2. Connectivity capabilities.
  3. Battery Power.
  4. Display Quality.
  5. Memory Capacity.
  6. Camera Quality and Sample Pictures.
  7. Some new and basic features including All the Tips and tricks of TCL 562.
  8. Antutu benchmark Of TCL 562.
Buy TCL 562 From Amazon
I hope You would like to book it from Amazon.

Lets Begin With TCL 562 Design:

It comes with 5.5 QHD IPS display. The viewing angles are the phone is much good. We have volume and Power buttons on the right-hand side. On the top, You will get 3.5 mm audio jack to plug in the earphone to enjoy the music. The speaker is added on the bottom back side of the phone.The camera is on top in the middle which looks awesome. Some points of the Design.

  • 152×77×7.99mm
  • Weight: 150 Grams
  • Side Keys: Two, One Power button and two up and down volume rocker.
  • Color: Metal, Gold, Dark Grey.

TCL 562 design quality.

Connectivity Capacity:

The connectivity part of this device is fully loaded with high features & Capacity. In this price range, There may be only a few smartphone that can beat it in this area. It also may that there is no one front of this. I did not compare it with any other device so can’t tell anything clearly. All features of the connectivity of TCL 562 is shown below  point by point.

  • Dual Sim & Dual Standby.
  • It will support nano as well as micro SIM card. It has optional with 2nd SIM.
  • 4G LTE Cat 4  – Comes with 150 Mbps downlink, 50 Mbps uplink speed.
  • HSPA+, 42 Mbps downlink, 5.76 Mbps uplink.
  • LTE 1/3/5/40
  • GSM Quadband 850/900/1800/1900
  • UTMS Quadband 850/900/1800/2100
  • It supports Bluetooth 4.2
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Wi-Fi direct, and Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Wi-Fi display, Miracast.
  • GPS with A-GPS, Micro USB 2.0 with High speed.

Battery Power and Backup Time:

The better in which used 2960 mAh power. Nowadays, There are many smartphones have comes with the high capacity of the battery. This one has also good battery which is non-removable or not, No idea about that but it will keep you active more time with your device. If we talk about the back timing then You can talk 15 hours with using the 2g network and 12 hours by using 3g network. The standby time is – 500 hours on 2g and 480 hours on 3g mode. I don’t think the battery is not good at this price with lots of features.

Display Quality:

The quality of the display is very very good. You are going to experience 5.5 inches full HD display with 1920×1080 pixels. I have feels kind of this, That was really awesome. We can enjoy our video music & movies with the power of full HD display which will give you something new feel. If you love to watch movies, Songs then it is the one for you. There are some actual details about the display that will clear you how it is good.

  • The size is 5.5 (13.97cm), The pixel is 1920×1080.
  • Full high definitions.
  • Full Lamination.
  • 16.7m color display.
  • Capacitive screen
  • 5 point touch with the gesture.

Memory Capacity:

Storage is the one most part of any kind of device whatever is that Mobile, Laptop, Music system etc. Everyone loves to store their lovest memories and favorite data what need always.

For mobile there is two type of Memories and both should be larger. One is the RAM which allows performing many tasks at a time. The second one is Internal memory which allows storing our data & apps. You will get both better in large of the amount. The tasks speed will be done faster than faster as well as you could store large amount data and install apps you love.

In this device, You will get 32Gb of internal storage and 3Gb of RAM. The end user memory is 22.8 GB only. We can also use Micro SD card to expand the storage capacity. It supports up to 64GB.

Camera Quality & Sample Pictures:

Peoples love to capture images & shooting videos. Nowadays we have better qualities of the display which are as wide than olds. We must have a camera phone which can shoot video to watch them nicely on our latest TVs and Laptops. It has 13 megapixels of autofocus camera can take 1080p Videos which are full HD.

Some More Details About The Camera of TCL 562:

13MP AF: AF means auto focus. It will detect automatically the parts of our body like the Face. You don’t need a tap to focus on everywhere but you can if want to do focus as you require place. The Phase autodetection is 0.3s which is really very bright.

HDR Mode: This is the best one feature I always love to use in my pictures during capturing any new place or nature images. Using HDR feature we can produce pictures in high definition and take closer sings clearly.

The Kye points of Camera:

  • 13mp AF with dual tone led flash. which is good in low light?
  • Phase detection autofocus 0.3s
  • It has sensor the size of 1/3.06, Aperture f/2.0
  • HDR, EIS, and QR code scanner.
  • Video Codecs: H.263, MPEG4, H.264, AAC.
  • Video Capture: 1080p@30fps
  • Video Playback: 1080p@30fps
  • 5Mpxl front camera with wide viewing angle (84.4°) and also has front flash.

TCL 562 Tips and Tricks – Features:

Processor: It is build with a high-performance Octa-core processor ( 4×1.8GHz +  4×1.0GHz) Helio P10 Chipset MT6755M. With the use of this killer system processor, you gonna to fly with all the tasks. The phone cost is not higher to others high-performance phones. So we can not make a comparison with other high-performance phones like Comparision between  TCL 562 and Onplus3 and Mi5 or more. Those all brands phone good in some areas but their price is the bad comparison to this.

The New Android 6.0 Marshmallow: The phone runs on the Android-based operating system but there is some new and different to others. You will get it with Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow which is the new one. Lets enjoy new interface with a new phone.

Fingerprint Recognition: I have three phone and those three have the fingerprint scanner. You can’t believe how it feels when we use our fingers to unlock the phone. It feels some kinds of classical & technical. So with the help of this new technology, you are more secure. You are also safe with others an authorized person to protect the private data.

Here are the almost all key points about the features:

  • Octa-core processor ( 4×1.8GHz +  4×1.0GHz)
  • Helio P10 Chipset MT6755M.
  • Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow – The New 🙂
  • fingerprint scanner to be more secure.
  • G-sensor, Proximity sensor, E-compass.
  • Light Sensor, Hall Switch.
  • Hands-Free & FM Radio.
  • HD voice.
  • HI-FI AKM 4375
  • Smart Power Amplifier – NXP9890.
  • 3.6 Watt Audio Power.
  • Superior Headset, Color Catcher.

Antutu benchmark Of TCL 562

I don’t use this phone so Can’t tell about this. But you will get soon about TCL 562 Antutu benchmark. This information will cover in the new update.

Credits: First of all, I would like to say thanks to Amazon. There is some information which I got from there such as Picture what is used in this post. Some configurations and more.

I hope this was so much helpful to find all tips and tricks, Antutu benchmark of TCL 562 phone. Please wait for our new update when here will be more information. Please share your own myth about this. Thanking for visiting me.

FreshMenu Refer & Earn Offers – Download App & Get Free Rs.100

Freshmenu is the website and application to order delicious foods online. It is not available in overall India but you can get its services in some city. Today’s article about “Freshmenu refer and earn offers.”

FreshMenu Refer & Earn Offers.

To doing this scheme, You could earn some money for this. That money can be used to order the foods are available there. There is nothing much harder we have to do. This is just like we were sharing apps to making free mobile recharges. I say clearly that, It is not available in all cities of India so please do it if you can redeem your earning.

How To Perform On Freshmenu Refer & Earn Offers To Collect Free Cash?

Here, We have to install its application our phone which is available for Android & ios both. So lets start downloading the which we have to use in this offer.

Android (Google play store)iOS (App Store)

After complete download & install please follow the steps-

  • Open the app, Click to sign-up. It will ask some kinds of information such as email id etc.
  • It will also verify your mobile number to complete the registration step.
  • Now the account is created, Please select “Free Food” option.
  • There you will see link and method to get Rs 100 joining bonus. Just follow the procedure as shown there.

Here is the list of Cities where Freshmenu services available. Some names can miss in the list. You can see clearly on the official website.

  • Bengaluru.
  • Mumbai.
  • NCR

Now you have got 100 Rupees to join. Want to more? Please share the link you have from the app. On each refers You will get 100 Rupees. The reward will credit if the person using your code.

I hope This offer is helpful for the users who need it. The scheme can expire any there is no date I can tell you. I think, It depends on stocks. Just grab it now before making it to others.