Helpchat Postpaid Bill Payment Offer – ₹20 Cashback on ₹100 Recharge

Helpchat is currently leading a new Cashback offer and Promo code to get a discount on postpaid bill payment recharge. In my last article, I had written about Helpchat prepaid recharge Offer. There we had an opportunity to get 50% Cashback on recharge of ₹50.

Today is something more for you 🙂

This time, I come with a new Helpchat postpaid bill payment offer to get ₹20 Cashback on recharge of ₹100. Here, I will open a new Promo code which has to use to avail this Cashback offer. The promo key can be used via both kinds of account, Old & new. But you can use this only one time in a day. We can make use of this more than one time, Two times but not in a single day. You have to do it next day again.

Helpchat Postpaid Bill Payment Offer – How To Get Cashback Using Promo New Promo Code?

Please follow steps below-

  • First of all, You have to download Helpchat app.
  • Please install and create an account otherwise log in with your old user ID & password.
  • Initiate amount to Postpaid bill payment recharge, It should be ₹100 or more.
  • Now apply this coupon code – RCBILL15, and make recharge.

Once all of these processes is done please make the final payment via Debit/Credit card only. That’s it only 🙂 Now wait, You money will back credit in your account within 24 hours. If it is taking more time then please contact the support team they will help you.

There are some important points such as rules which must have to follow users to avoid the error and get success in which.

The very first thing is – We can not initiate lees than ₹100 otherwise the coupon code has to apply that will not work here. You will get some kinds of error. To get your money back, You must have to use debit or credit card payment mode while transitioning.

Listup App Loot – Get ₹10 Free Paytm Cash To Sign-Up

Listup app loot trick – This is a new application through which we can make free Paytm Cash on sign up and refer. There are many apps which help us to make free mobile recharge, Cash, Discounts but mostly works for Android only. This is little different to other and available for several mobile operating system users. The very best part of this application we that can download it for android as well as iOS. for downloading, Installing , and create an account you will get ₹10 Paytm cash absolutely free.

Listup App Loot

I read the reviews of Listup app, It was very good. There are lots of people who did it and they got success. Many of comments are positive. I will recommend, you also to use it.

How To Earn ₹10 Free Paytm Cash Via Listup app loot Trick?

At the beginning, we have to install this. Please click here go to download. After opening the link, There will be an option to choose your mobile platform android or iOS. Now start downloading. Once the install process completed please follow these steps-

  • You have to open the app and login with your Facebook account.
  • After logging please apply this promo code to get bonus – 155n6y
  • That’s it only, Now you are eligible to get free Paytm Cash worth ₹10.

How To Redeem earned Paytm Cash?

There is no any big amount to be able to redeem your earnings. ₹10 is enough and it allows to redeem so please follow this guide. First, you have to Goto Menu >> Refer friends >> Transfer to Paytm wallet.

Refer and earn unlimited trick for listup app:

Doing refer and earn methods we can earn unlimited Paytm Cash using listup app. Lets see how it is possible?  Go to Menu >> Refer Friends >> There will be a link just copy that. Now share that link with your other forends. After one refer you will get ₹10 Paytm Cash free again.

Update – Still we can make utilize of this trick. You should not miss this opportunity 🙂 The methods which I shared in above that are the same. Just start following them to make Paytm Cash for free. If you have any kind of trouble of want to get help in which. Just ask me freely, I will try to clear your doubts.

About listup app – It is an app and website to buy & sell products. To use this we can sell our new or old goods very easily. You can also find a very easy way to earn money such as we made free Paytm cash to using listup app loot trick.

Helpchat DTH Recharge Offer – Get 20% Cashback (All Users)

Helpchat DTH Recharge Offer – Today, I am going to show a new Helpchat Cashback offer to DTH recharge which is valid for all users. Here we will go with a promo code which can be used two times per user. To make use of this Helpchat promo code & Cashback offer we can get 20% money back on making recharge our DTH. So lets extend your TV program validity with the great discount.

If you are an Airtel user then please do not make attention in this offer. All operator customers can make use of this excepted only Airtel.

The offer valid for both kind of customers new & old. There is something more extra which making it more interesting to avail. We can apply this promo key for prepaid recharge as well as postpaid.

Helpchat DTH Recharge Offer

How To Get Helpchat DTH Recharge 20% Cashback Offer For All Users?

I think, It will valid to make the transition to using of its application. I will also recommend to first download the app and then try to do this to avoid the error. Once it has installed completely – Here we have to follow some steps to availing this offer and applying the promo code.

  1. Please create an account now or log in to using your old ID information.
  2. Now select the recharge mode as DTH.
  3. Initiate the amount, It should be ₹50 or more.
  4. Do not initiate less than ₹50 otherwise, the key may not work.
  5. Proceed on in the next step to applying this coupon – GETHC20

Now you have to complete the transition. There are only two modes valid – Debit & Credit card. Other Payment modes will not be accepted in which. Once the all of these steps done! Please wait, Your 20% Cashback amount will credit within 24 hours.

We can do it more than one time but once per day. You have to make the transition of ₹50, This is the minimum amount. There is Also a max back amount – ₹20 only at a time. The last date is – 30th August 2016.

HelpChat Postpaid Offer – Get 10% Cashback On Rs 100 Payment

Recently, I have written about HelpChat Cashback Offer – Get ₹25 Cashback On ₹50 Recharge. That is valid for only mobile recharge & bill Payment. It had also more than one promo keys. This is a “HelpChat Postpaid offer.” The only postpaid user will be able to use it. Users can not use it to make mobile recharge or any other. The coupon code will apply to making a bill payment.  Here is also more than one promo code to apply. I will show you two codes apply anyone which one you would like. It is valid for all users. It does not matter how much transition you have done.

Helpchat Cashabck offer On Postpaid bill Payment.

How To Avail HelpChat Postpaid Offer With 10% Cashback on Payment?

Lets follow the steps below-

  • The very first step has to do, You have to create an account. Click here to download the application.
  • Once the account has been created please initiate money for bill payment.
  • In the nest step, apply this promo code – BILL20 or BILL30.

Both keys have different features. The first one, 20 will be the maximum amount of Cashback and the second one for 30 rupees.

Now complete the final payment and enjoy Cashback. It will credit within some hours. It can also credit instant or will sometime later.

The money will return in the Helpchat wallet. You can use that amount to make any other transitions such as mobile recharge or anything else.

Here are more Cashback offers on Bill payments:

Terms & Conditions:

You must have to make a transition of Rs 100. If the amount is less than 100 then code may not work. If you are using BILL20 then Rs 20 will back and on using BILL30, Rs 30 will back.

Airtel users will not be able to do it. There is any expiry date I can tell you. Please make use of it soon. It is valid until stocks are available. The company has all rights to close it anytime. Lets grab HelpChat Postpaid Offer with 10% of Cashback on Postpaid bill payment.

Update [ 23 August 2016 ] – As I checked thia offer again, This is still active.

State Bank Buddy add Offer – ₹25 Cashback On Adding ₹200

We are back with one new offer for State bank buddy app to add money. Now you can load money with ₹25 Cashback. The offer is valid for all users but one user can make it once in a month. There is any promo code to apply. It works with only Rupay debit cards. You can not use any other payment mode expected an only Rupay debit card. The Cashback is allowing to loading money only. To avail this state bank buddy cashback offer you must have to add at least ₹200.

State Bank Buddy add Offer

How to get Cashback to loading money?

  • It is valid only on the app so first, download the state bank buddy app. Click here.
  • You must have an account here so please sign-up.
  • Now go for add money.
  • Initiate amount ₹200 or more.
  • You don’t need to apply any promo code just make the final payment. Transition must be done by use of Rupay debit card otherwise no cashback 🙂

Terms & Conditions:

No instant Cashback – It may take some time to give your ₹25 back. The offer is valid until 31st December of 2016. You can make it use only once per month. State bank of India has all the rights to change this plan. They can also close it before the time and extend it for more time. The maximum money will back only ₹25 and the minimum transition value is ₹200.

This offer is posted by Tricksumissed. Here we post many to Cashback offers, deals, Free recharge tricks, and more. This State Bank Buddy adding money offer is also one of them. In which changes are possible in the future and that can not update so please if you are much late to see this article then please ask one time to others or comment here below. I will check that and try to give you a quick reply with a correct answer.

Update – I can find the date when it will expire. It may still in working condition. If you need state bank buddy loading money offer then it is a good opportunity to get cashback.

Mobikwik Super60 Offer – Enjoy Cashback On Recharge & Bill

Mobikwik Super60 Offer – When is comes to Cashback offers then Paytm, FreeCharge, Helpchat and Mobikwik leads well. In this article, I am going to show the utilises of the super60 offer of Mobikwik. This is a new Promo code to get Cashback on mobile recharge as well as bill payments. To make use of this we can get 6% Cashback on recharge.

Mobikwik Super60 offer

Here, The minimum recharge value is very low that is much good for all users. To use this new Mobikiwik Cashback offer and promo code we can initiate even 10 rupees. There is also a maximum Cashback value which is 60 Rupees for one person or account. Lets begin this 🙂

Note – Have you tried the Mobikwik RAKHI  offer? Yes, Sorry, You will not eligible to do this. Please go back and find some other deals and free recharge tricks.

How To Avail Mobikwik Super60 Offer?

  • First of all, You should have Mobikwik application. Have not yet? Click here to download now.
  • Install the app and please create an account.
  • Now please select your recharge option, Mobile or bill payment and then initiate amount which should be at least Rs.10.
  • Proceed on with filling all the information like phone number etc.
  • Apply this promo code – SUPER60

Once the coupon code has bee applied successfully then please complete the final payment. Now wait for that moment, Your Cashback can take some time (24 hours) to credit in the Mobikwik wallet. It can some more extra time to provide us the money back due to high traffic so please wait until you can otherwise please contact the support team. You can also use this mail address to get help via email – [email protected]

Terms & Conditions –

The Coupon code which we have to use that can be used once per user only. If you have done this offer using the same key then please do not try to apply that again. It can fail and you can loose the offered reward.

Here, Cashback value is 6% but that is in a limited amount – 60 Rupees only. We can not repeat this more than one time. We can avail this offer on almost each platform such as iOS, Android, Windows, Web browser etc.

It will expire at the end of this month, 31st Augst 2016. You should avail this offer before this time, I will recommend getting this now because The company has all the rights to close this anytime.

I hope, The Mobikwik Super60 offer will help users to get Cashback on mobile recharge and bill payments.

How Get Airtel Unlimited FREE Calling? – Complete Guide

Complete Guide On Airtel Unlimited Free Calling Service – In our recent article I talked about to get Airtel Free 10GB Internet Offer.

In this post, I will show more interesting and beneficial offer through which you can enjoy unlimited local & STD calling for Airtel in India. Lets see how is this possible?

Airtel free Calling for unlimited.

First, I would like to tell some its limitations:

  • We can avail this offer for GSM & CDMA sim cards.
  • You must have taken a broadband connection to do this.

There are many benefits of Using Airtel broadband connection:

  • It has very high speed.
  • Low costing comparison to mobile data plans.
  • We can connect more one system using one single device, router.
  • You don’t need to think about the network. Just use it freely anytime.

There are much more other advantages of using Airtel broadband connection. This is not my main topic so don’t want to go in the deep. It has also kinds of limitation such as we can not move this easily with us. It is good for only home & organization usage not for traveling.

After all,We got that must have a broadband connection to enjoy free unlimited calling with Airtel. So if you having this type of network then please proceed on to avail it.

Methods To Getting Unlimited Free Local & STD Calling With Airtel:

Please follow steps below –

  • Establish a new connection, Click here to view more information.
  • Select the plan you have buy and also choose the city where you want to establish.
  • Proceed with some other basic process such as Address, Mobile number etc.

There will be some internet plans which choosing we can get Unlimited callings for free. Here is the almost each cities name where this facility is providing currently. I may miss some cities name, It will be better to ask customer care to verify your location.

  • Bangalore
  • Chandigarh
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Faridabad
  • Gurgaon
  • Ghaziabad
  • Hyderabad
  • Noida
  • Ludhiana – Perhaps.

I have tried to mention each point about Free Airtel unlimited Calling trick. If you having trouble to get it then please share your problem in the comment below. I will try to reply quickly with a correct answer.

Smartapp Cashback offer – Get 10% Money Back On ₹100 Recharge

Are you looking for best free mobile recharge offers and plans? Yes, Here is a new recharge app which called as Smartapp – Track Calls & 3G | Save Money, Really very smart 🙂

Smartapp Cashback offer and new promo code.

Just give me 10 minutes only, I will show an excellent Smartapp Cashback offer and a new promo code. To use of this Promo key, You will get 10% Cashback on doing ₹100 of recharge. You can make mobile recharge or bill payment transition with this Cashback offer.

Note –  I am not completely sure but Electricity bill does not support Smartapp. Please check it out to yourself this is just kind of suggestion to my side.

Smartapp Cashback Offer – How To Get 10% Back By Making ₹100 Mobile Recharge or Bill Payment?

Here is the complete guide & steps to avail this offer instantly.

  • You must have to use their own app to enjoy this deal. Click here to download via Google play store.
  • Once the app has been installed then go for creating an account.
  • Select your recharge option then Initiate ₹100.
  • Proceed on and apply this promo code – SILVER
  • If the key is working successfully please complete the final payment.
  • Extra – 22 Best HelpChat Cashback Offers And Promo Codes list.

You have done everything After making the final payment. Please be patient, Your Cashback will reach you very soon. It can also take some time due to high traffic.

In which, One user will get only 10% Cashback at a time. This promo code is also can be used only once by each customer.

The Cashback value very good, we can get approx ₹100 Cashback. It is the highest amount will back. But there is also same value for initiation, We can initiate less than ₹100. If the amount is lower then the key may not work.

This Smartapp Cashback offer is valid for all users as well as new users. I hope You will enjoy it. I recommend making use of this very soon because the company can end this anytime.

Freeb App Loot – Get Free Mobile Recharge & Cashback

Freeb app Loot – This is our one of the new free recharge tricks. Recently, We are getting only deals, Cashback offer and promo codes only. Here is the new way to earn free mobile recharge using Freeb app. It is a very popular app which uses make recharge for free. There are over 2 Million satisfied users so how about be one of them? I think You would like to be one.

Earn Free Recharge With Freeb app

Actually, Here we will setup with Refer and earn program. We can also use Freeb app to do recharges for Mobile, Dth, and more. There we can find best deals for food and full 100% Cashback offers.

Freeb App loot – How To Earn Free Mobile Recharge?

First of all, You have to install this application. Click here. Now make an account. There will be some apps, You can find them in Offer section. download each of them to start earning.

The best one I will recommend you to use its Refer and earn offer. Lets copy the link and share it with all peoples who don’t have this. You can get Rs.50 free mobile recharge to each successfully refers.

Key features:

  • Users don’t need an account or log in. We can use its services directly.
  • There are several kinds of tasks and action which performing we can earn free recharge.
  • You can get best and top online shopping websites deals at cheap prices.
  • There is no any kind of convince charges to use its recharge service. We can use that in free.
  • With the use of this, we can do recharge for all Indian operators including Airtel too.
  • We can also extend our DTH accounts across Tata Sky, Videocon d2h, Dish TV, Sun TV, Reliance Big TV, Airtel etc.

This Freeb App Loot recharge trick is little old but it is still working. Please make use of this to get benefits. This trick is still in working condition.

FreeCharge HP Offer – ₹25 Cashback on ₹150 Bill Of HP Petrol Pump

FreeCharge has comes up with a new Cashback offer on HP petrol pump bill payments. The Offer is valid for all users. You can avail it more than one time, Three times. So here we will go with a new exclusive Freecharge HP Petrol Pump Cashback offer. Lets drive with discounts 🙂

Freecharge HP petrol pump Cashback offer.

Here, we will use a new Freecharge Cashback offer way to get money back on HP Patroling. To use this offer ₹25 Cashback on billing or getting worth ₹150 Petrol from only HP pumps.

How To Avail FreeCharge HP Petrol Pump Cashback Offer?

Now, Please follow steps below-

  • The Offer will avail using the Freecharge app only so please download that now. Click here…
  • Please create an account or login with your old ID & Password.
  • Go for Patroling at the any HP petrol pump. You also have to confirm that they currently FreeCharge payment accepting or not then proceed otherwise visit another.
  • Now, You have to click on Pay Merchant to generate your #OnTheGo Pin.

Here, To complete the final payment – We have to enter our mobile number and that generated pin in the card swipe machine. If you have successfully done the payment then please wait now. Your Cashback will reach in the wallet within 24 hours.

Terms & Conditions:

This scheme is valid at the end of this month, 31st Aug 2016. One user Can get maximum ₹25 Cashback at a time. We can repeat this till three times.

The money back you are getting that will valid till six months only. Please spend that amount before six months otherwise that can expire. We can use that money to mobile recharge as well as for all other valid transitions but it is not transferable.

There are some more terms & conditions which must be taken care. You can see all of them on Freecharge website or app. This Freecharge HP petrol pump Cashback offer can expire before the time. The company has all the rights to make changes in which.