Ola Offline Booking via SMS – Everything You Must Know

Ola has been launched its new amazing service that users can book cabs offline via SMS. Before this Ola new launch, we have to use that application or website which run to accessing the internet.

In case you do no have an internet connection or fails to connect, You will be able to get cabs via Ola offline SMS booking feature.

Please make an update with the latest version to access all the new features and avoid bugs. The offline feature may miss with the old version of an application.

How Ola Offline SMS Feature works?

Open ola application to off an internet connection, You will see two options-

  1. Retry – That tapping it will refresh to catch the internet connection.
  2. Book a Cab via SMS – To selecting this option, You could book cabs via phone SMS expecting the internet.

You will have to enter some information to book ola cab offline. After clicking on this feature, You will get some pre-added text in the mobile messaging then fill all of them send to request for a cab. The driver can call you for asking the exact location where he can pick you within a possible time.

Advantages – Very useful in a case have not accessed to the internet. Very easy and simple methods will have to follow to get a Cab.

Disadvantages – Users may not use their wallet money due to no connection. Please ask with driver for full information of using wallet money. He can tell if there is anyway.

Ola is one of the best cab providing company at cheap prices. Now it is going to be more simple and easy to do because all of the users who do not use the internet they can also make bookings.

What do you think about this new offline SMS booking feature? Would users love this? Please say your opinions on this.

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