Reliance Jio Preview Offer Vs Welcome Offer – Checklist

reliance jio preview offer vs welcome offerReliance communications launch its Jio service before a few months ago to saying everything is free for three months. Yes, They are doing the promise what said during the launching of Jio preview offer. This is not kind of hidden thing to public even everyone enjoying this amazing service.

Here, I am with a very interested topic to see the major differences of Reliance Jio Preview Offer and Welcome Offer.

First, this came with LYF smartphones and few Samsung smartphones can generate coupon code to get that. After some weeks company gives a statement that Jio sim cards will be available for each & everyone from 5th September 2016. Yes, Now Jio sim card can get everyone.

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Just answer me if you have both sim cards before 5th September as well as after that. The answer is not possible if you are not a heavy data user of Internet.

Difference Between Jio Preview & Welcome offer

Let me explain what is the answer – If you got Jio sim card before 5th September then that will come with Preview offer. If you are one who got after 5th September then it comes with a welcome offer. So what is the problem? If we have the same plan even features. I know you will think like this. Actually, there is something changed in the welcome offer.

What is Jio preview offer?

It came at the starting of this service. There was some limitation to get and that was available for everyone. It was available only one some specific smartphone such as LYF.

The features are also good in which. Users are allowed to access everything unlimited for 3 months. They can all as well as use internet with no bandwidth.

This was very normal information we know already about so you truly know about all features of preview offer. But there is something different in the welcome offer. If you using that card then you must read these differences.

What is Jio Welcome Offer?

In India we welcome everyone and the proud thing is Reliance is a perfect Indian man company. So In the Jio welcome offer, Everyone are allowed. Anyone can go with KYC and Reliance will welcome you there. There are no limitations for anyone.

It comes with only one change – The bandwidth for the internet usage. The welcome offer user can also use unlimited internet & Calls. They will get only 4GB each day with the full speed of 4G. After crossing this limit the speed will come into 128 Kbps. In short, users have 4GB 4G speed everyday till 3 months.

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In this Reliance Jio Preview Offer Vs Welcome Offer article may be I missed some info. If you finding anything like that then please say me in the comment below. I will try to make changes according to you if the info is correct.

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