Best Tricks To Boost Your Reliance Jio 4G Internet Speed

Are getting slow speed while using Reliance Jio 4G internet? Yes, It is happening because still is working in testing mode. No one can give you any trick which can boost your Reliance 4G speed because there is some company privacy.

In this article, I will try to give some basics tricks which following you could make Jio 4G internet bit faster. The speed also depends on your location that how much good there 4G network connectivity.

There are some possible methods, Tips & tricks to get faster speed for Reliance Jio 4G Internet. To following all of them, You can also increase downloads speed of Jio. I have many people on social media they show their data usage with Jio 4G. I have been seen many of users who have done 100’s GB within some days only. So we should not doubt on its speed performance.


Nowadays, There are many friends who using Jio 4G and some says the speed is slow now comparison to the starting. I do not think there is anything like that. It can happen due to low network or high traffic on the server. As we know this is the preview offer to give user experience with it. In short, We can say – It is just kind of testing.

Tips & Tricks – How to get faster speed for reliance Jio 4G?

All of these tricks will help you to get very fast internet access. There are much more so users can try others if one is not for woking well.

Please, Do anything at your own risk. Your even one single mistake will be much enough to disconnect the internet service. You also have to remember what changes you made to change in future if you didn’t get success in which.

There is a new APN which applying you can get faster speed at Jio 4G. Lets boost now 🙂

  1. Open mobile network option from the main setting menu.
  2. There is an option to choose your preferred type of network so please set it as the 4G mode.
  3. That’s it only now come back to open APN protocol >> Select IPv4 or IPv6.
  4. There is also Bearer, You also have to make changes in which to just selecting LTE.
  5. Finally, save it.

Now there are lots of possibilities that users will get the high speed. I will suggest restarting your phone once settings have saved.

This trick was the main and best way to do that. I have some more but they do not work like this. Using them, You can be also in trouble so still, I am working on them make more easy & safe.

Change Your Default APN (Access Point Name):

APN is the only one thing which helps users to get access to the internet connection. You must have configured APN run internet on your machine. It does not matter what kind of device or OS we using. PC, Tablets, Mobile also requires a perfect access point name to enable the internet. This can be also a part you facing slow speed issue.

There are some APN setting for Jio 4G users configuring they can get a good speed to download or browse. You must have to all things same as shown below even remember your default settings.

Reliance Jio 4G is gonna be a very basic need of all. It comes with a super fast speed what we never expect at all. In India, there are many telecom companies who can promise us to give a better speed but completely such Reliance. My one of neighbours got Jio sim card with LYF smartphone. He is carrying when this service begin. I use for some moment and was a very high-speed performance that time.

There is one my classmate tested its speed in the Mumbai. He was saying the speed is very very fast. I hope, Reliance will give us more speed when it will be launched officially to testing.

The end is like this! You will get more tricks to make your 4G Jio speed faster to enjoy faster downloading. Please say your own words on this trick. I hope, It will be very much helpful. You can also tweet this article to help others. Please share your problem with me where you troubling. I will try to give you a perfect solution to get rid quickly.

These are simple methods are really very useful for Jio users who facing slow downloading speed. Following this they can boost their download speed at all. Thank You 🙂 Share this useful content on twitter to help your followers.

regarding jio 4g speed internet as it is very helpful.

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