iPhone Jio Welcome Offer – 1 Year Unlimited Free Calls, Internet & SMS

Jio iPhone 7 offer – Jio has started the new offer for all people who will buy the new amazing iPhone 7 mobile phone. It is offering 1-year welcome or preview offer as we are still getting 90 days free unlimited internet, SMS, and calling facility. This is about 1 Year, It means a very long time even we do not use a Mobile phone for a year.

iPhone Jio Welcome Offer
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As we all know that iPhone 7 has been launched in India at the good price (But not like that.) Earlier I watch a video on the Facebook page that iPhone has most high performable hardware that even happen with another mobile phone.

This was about iPhone 7. I do not think there is anything like Jio in India. Here are two worlds most things which are now clubbed.

I forget to mention one thing that can make confusion to users. This jio offer is valid for iPhone 7 even its plus version.

What will you get within Jio iPhone 7 Offer?

The very first thing we must know that this Jio welcome offer will be valid until 31st December 2016.

These benefits are included with the iPhone Jio Welcome offer:

Free 4GB 4G Data Per Day – First do not think that is limited, It may provide unlimited usage but with low speed after completing 4GB data in a day. I am not sure that you will get but plans may be like that.

Free Calling With All – You can also call to all people without spending or paying calling charges. There are no limitations, So lets CHIPKE RAHO 🙂 There are some people who say we can not call to some networks but I do not think that is completely a true point.

Free SMS – Nowadays, SMS is almost dead you think so but look at once the other companies data plans. You will realize how is the true. So here we can get free SMS with iPhone Jio welcome offer for 1 year.

The plans will be changed after 31st December:

Jio iPhone Offer will get some limitations from January 1st, 2017. You can enjoy unlimited free calling & SMS these both will not get change. The internet 4G plan will only change. You will have only 20GB 4G data per month but unlimited during night timing, and 40GB JioNet 4g data.

You may have some more information about iPhone 7 jio Welcome offer so please share with me. I would like to update that with your credit.

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