ChampOne C1 Mobile Price & Features- How To Book?

ChampOne C1 mobile phone – Do you know about this, I think you would like to know. This is the new upcoming cheapest android smartphone in the Indian market. Last time, We saw some more mobiles such as freedom 251 etc. This one is little different to all of them. I have seen the pictures of it, The phone looks is the awesome comparison to the price of ChampOne C1 Smartphone.

Here are all points which we will see under this post-

  • ChampOne Price In India.
  • ChampOne Complete features & Specifications.
  • How to register ChampOne mobile?

Those are points will my main aim to show through this article. Before, I start writing more please write this line carefully – Anything I am writing here that are not completely true because didn’t use or see that phone yet so each information is collected from the internet. There can be peace of mistakes but I will try to write in a better way and show you all the correct information.

ChampOne C1 Price In India

The actual launching price is ChampOne smartphone is ₹501. Where Freedom 251 was launched in the cheaper price comparison of this. After all, the price is very affordable for all. If we are getting an android smartphone which supporting 4G then I don’t think there any other best deal like that.

ChampOne C1 Features & Complete Specifications

If we care about the pricing then Champion hardware specification and features are so much worthful. The processor is very good and the latest one – 1.3GHz.

Camera – Sample Pictures:

There are no sample pictures to show here but we can imagine how we can capture photos. The camera quality is quite well which comes with 8 Mega-Pixel rear & 2 Mega-Pixel front. You will see more other features there to take good pictures. You may also shoot HD videos because there are many smartphones having same pixel camera and shooting HD videos very well.

Register ChampOne C1 Online

I am still working there, You will get an update soon in which with booking link for this awesome phone.

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