Amazon Prime Free Trial Now In India – Complete Guide

Amazon just released a new service for Indian customers, “Amazon Prime.” Actually, It is one of the paid services of Amazon but We can start Amazon Prime free trial now. The trial period will be for 60 days.

If you are subscribing Amazon prime trial then you can enjoy all the prime service such as paid users. It allows many advanced services. You should not miss this deal.

Amazon Prime Free Trial Activate guide.

How To Subscribe Amazon Prime Free Trial In India?

Here is the best complete guide to enjoying this trial, Follow the steps below-

  • The first thing is to do, You have to create an Amazon Prime account. Click here…
  • There will be an option to start your 60 days trial period. Just click on there.
  • Yes, You made it. In some seconds you will receive a confirmation message.

This will work same as paid users. You can enjoy all the services what they are enjoying to paying. But only for 60 days only then you will have to pay money. After 60 days you will need to extend your Prime account to paying money.

Will Amazon auto charge to saved account? No, It will not auto charge. It is your own choice that you want to continue the validity after expired.

What is the Amazon Prime?

If you having a prime account, It allows shipping your order without delivery charges. They can also get free to one day or two days delivery. Amazon also offers the best-selected deals for the users who has a prime account.

This is not free of cost, The price is started Rs 499 per year. But for now, we can use the trial pack to get all these advantages without paying.

is it only? Nope,  Amazon will also launch Prime Video to enjoy movies & TV programs which are premium. This is gonna be more entertaining.

Terms & Conditions – Amazon Prime

If you going to get the membership for years please note that you will not get the refund. Once it is purchased then that’s it you have to use that service. We can not get money back to return our statement or by cancelling.

There are lots of benefits to getting this but it will not work with each product of Amazon. There are some selected prime products you can apply for those benefits on that only. All the free delivery and more service will be done for those products only.

Amazon has complete powers to accept or decline anyone membership.

The Prime user will not allow to resale the goods to purchasing here even they can not ship for clients with the use of these benefits.

There are more benefits of using Free Trial of Amazon prime account, Lets subscribe it now and enjoy the services you will love.

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