Amazon Great Indian Festival Offer Starts From 1st To 5th October

This upcoming week Amazon may start the Great Indian Festival Offer that will be full of best deals with lots of discounts. Amazon is one of the best online shopping stores even the one most using & loving.

As I know, An Amazon great Indian festival week will start from 1st to 5th October 2016. It is gonna so much excited for everyone who loves to shop from amazon India. And who are not like to buy here they gonna jealous or become a new customer.

We get best offers & discounts from almost all of the big Indian online shopping companies. And there are some who has been started these kinds of schemes so now Amazon India turn.

Amazon Great Offer Weekends – The Great Indian Festival Offers:

This time, its goona be happened more exited because of now Amazon prime is available in India. We know it been only some weeks to came out. There is one best thing we are going to grab the best deal through.

Amazon prime was started for all users with 60 days of trial. I don’t think it been 60 days so all of users may have prime account with the trial period that is awesome. This time we can completely utilise our free trial Amazon prime account.

Lets see how?

Great Indian festival sale means you will get almost everything in good price. There may be you get suffered to delevery charges because of order value is less that free delevery require values. These kinds of cases – You can get help with your Free Amazon prime account which will help to avoid the other extra delevery charges.

I have already done about getting Prime account with 60 days trial but in any reson, you could not get that so lets do it now. I don’t have any idea it is still working or not but you must try at leas once to get a free Prime account for get more advantage of this october Amazon Great Indian Festival session. here is the article – Amazon Prime Free Trial Now In India – Complete Guide.

It is not started now so we can not tell anything about the off pricing for products. There are some product catogery we mostly buy from them. I hope 2016 Amazon great fastival offer will apply to all those kinds of goods.

  1. Computers & Accessories.
  2. Mobiles & Tablets.
  3. Sports, Fitness & Outdoors.
  4. Handbags & Luggage.
  5. Cameras, Audio & Video.
  6. Beauty, Health & Gourmet.
  7. Books.
  8. Clothing & Accessories.
  9. Shoes.
  10. Movies, Music & Video Games.
  11. Jewellery, Watches & Eyewear.
  12. Toys & Baby Products.

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