22 Best HelpChat Cashback Offers And Promo Codes list – Aug 2016

HelpChat, An application made for booking cabs, Ordering Food & Recharge. There are kinds of offers and promo code using we can save money. Here is the 21 best helpchat Cashback offers and promo codes. This is the complete list of all HelpChat mobile recharge offers, Bill Payment offers, DTH Recharge, Cabs Booking, and more.

I can not say that it is a full list, There can something missing to me. But these are the best to use. Generally, there can be lots of pieces of stuff we can find on google about it, But these are the best HelpChat offers & promo codes. In the list, You will find 21 best keys for all kinds of use such as Mobile recharge, Paying bills etc.

21 Best HelpChat Cashback Offers And Promo Codes.

Note: All the keys I am going to share that are not tested personally to me. There may be some codes will not work because of expiry or out of stocks. The post will filter again to inform which codes are in working condition.

21 Best Promo Codes and Cashback Offers From HelpChat

Before you go to see the list you must read this section – There are some works with new users and some old users. You are an old user or new it does not matter. This list will be useful for both users.

Update, 01-08-2016 –  There are some promo codes which was valid until July please don’t try them.

First, I will start with the new Helpchat Promo codes and offers For Recharge:

1. RC25 – In which, You have to make recharge with Rs 50 or above and applying this one to get Rs 25 back. It is valid for all users and one person can repeat it three times in a day (Only once.)

2. HRC50 – It is newly launched, To making it in use we can save 50% Rs 50 recharge. They work for all users but only one time. We can maximum 50 Rupees back at a time.

4. RC15 – Apply RC15 promo key to getting Rs 15 Cashback on Rs 50 or above recharge. We can use it three times and once per day.

5. RCJULY25 – This is the July 2016 code which will expire on the last of this July. To applying this one we can get Rs 25 Cashback on Rs 50 Recharge .

6. RCJULY15 – This one is also similar to above. The value is changed only to Rs 15.

7. RCJULY10 – There is also same thing happening. You can apply this with using same above method and get Rs 10 back on the successful recharge.

8. GET5ON30 – There is a small amount of Cashback. The amount is small Rs 5 only but the value and use of that are really great. We can grab it till 6 times means 6×5 = 30 Rupees. You don’t have to create a new account Just enjoy with your old one.

Best Helpchat Coupons And Promo codes For Cab Booking

9. JULY101 – It is about booking Cabs using Helpchat with 101% Cashback. The cost should be up to 100. This key is so much near to getting expiry. We can enjoy this only one time. Valid till 31st July 2016.

10. HOME100 – This one is also working on getting Cabs. The validity is also same to above one, 31st July 2016. In which we can get 100% money back on our first cab booking.

11. FIRST75 – Reserve you first ola cab with 75% Of discount. You can not reserve any other company cab expected only OLA. The validity is so close, 31st July of 2016.

12. RCFIRST50 –  It is time to get a benefit to becoming a new customer. To using this one we can get Full Cashback on recharge with Helpchat. There is one problem with applying it. Only new users can avail this offer. If you are still not a customer there then just grab it. Create an account, Initiate Rs 50 to recharge and complete the payment using the key. It will give you back again Rs 50 that can use for the next recharge.

HelpChat DTH Recharge Cashback Offers & Promo Codes

13. DTH15 – To using DTH15 promo code we can get Rs 15 Cashback on Rs 200 DTH recharge. They will work for all users there is no new account require. The Validity of this is over now according to our an old post. You should check it once more. It may work if the socks are not over now.

14. DTH30 – This one also similar to the above. There might be some difference such as the value of Cashback, Validity time and the user account age requirements. Same methods will be used to apply both.

There is more DTH Recharge Cashback offer with HelpChat but some of has closed now so I don’t like to tell about them. To using all above two codes You can get back a good amount on DTH recharge. If there is not a good satisfaction then please find on other places such as Paytm, FreeCharge etc.

HelpChat Cashback Promo Codes On Bill Payments

3. BILL20 – The BILL 20 is work on Postpaid bill payment only. There is one more same like that, BILL30. To using these two HelpChat bill Payments promo code we can get Rs 20 and 30 Cashback to transacting more than 100 Rupees.

15. BILLPAY10 – We can repeat this 4 times it means valid for all users. You just have to initiate Rs 100 to pay a bill. Don’t do it with prepaid, It will valid for only postpaid users.

16. MOB5 – Using this code we can get 5% Cashback on each and every kind of recharge. The value of maximum Cashback is Rs 20 only but it can repeat 4 times per user.

17. BILLCASH – Making this promo code in use we can get Rs 30 back on doing Rs 400 bill payment & mobile recharge. All users can avail this offer but once per week only and maximum 2 times.

18. CARDSECASH – The name of this is really describable. Users have to make payment using their credit card to avail this offer. They will get Rs 30 Cashback on Rs 400 mobile recharge or bill payment. Please do not use any other card like VISA debit cards, international cards etc. Here, You must have to use a credit card to complete the payment.

19. RC05 – Here is the Maximum return value is Rs 20. You can get 5% Cash back to using it.

20. TWO33 – This is about HelpChat Zomato Offer. To using this food key you can Get 33% cashback up to Rs 80 on any two food orders from Zomato.

21. Refer and Earn Free Rides

The last 21 is not a piece of keys. It is an exclusive offer to get free rides of Ola to refer its application. If you having the app already then you can see there the option for this. Just click on that and get your link to share. There is all information included. Just read them carefully and follow.

22. FESTRC50 – We can use it for our first prepaid recharge to get 50% Cashback. The minimum recharge value should be ₹50. In which we can use Debit, Credit and helpchat wallet amount also to complete the payment. No expiry date – We can avail it until the last stocks.

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This is done very long time that I coud not uodate this article with more good and best promo codes. There might be some Cashback offer which is not valid now due to expiry. Now, I have good enough time to make changes in this article. You will get a good update of this post very soon.

Here we are done with Helpchat tops Cashback promo codes and offers. I will get back soon with a new update of this amazing post. In the update, you will find some new more offers and codes.

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