Airtel 4G Offer – Get 1GB 4G Data at Just ₹4 only

Airtel is really going to break all one records to providing cheapest 4G data today. This is about Airtel 1GB 4G data at just ₹4 only. This offer is not valid in all over India. Only some selected states can make use of Airtel ₹4 internet pack.

This is really a mega offer on internet behalf Airtel company. If you are an Airtel user then you should check your SMS. Maybe you are one lucky person who got this SMS.

Please do not go shop for make recharge of ₹4. You can loose your money. This offer is not valid for all users. Airtel will send you an SMS to inform about this mega offer. It will be a 4G pack so please do not use that as 3G. You can have to pay charges to use as 3G or 2G.

Go for avail this offer before checking that you have 4G network access or not at your current location.

Your phone must be 4G to make use of this pack. You also must have to select only 4G, not even auto because sometimes it redirects 2G or 3G if there is not a good network connection for 4G.

How To Get Airtel 1GB 4G Data At Just ₹4?

There are not any hidden trick that I can share with you all. It is very simple to do if you giving SMS for this offer. Just go to a shop to make recharge worth ₹4 only. The 1GB 4G pack and data can take some time to activate on your number.

My own myth on this – Please use this very carefully to selecting your phone network mode as 4G only. There is also another way to use it very safely. You should not keep much balance until the pack data is left to use.

If you have selected only 4G mode in your smartphone then do not worry anymore. Whenever g network will not available you will not get access. So lets make enjoy of Airtel 1GB 4G at ₹4 only.

How to use jio 4g sim in 3g mobile – Compete Guide

Here is the complete guide to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in any 3G phone but android only. I am not talking about other operating system users.

As we know, Everwhere and everyone talking about only one thing –  The Jio offer. We are also getting so many questions to in people such as How to port your mobile number to Jio – Reliance Jio MNP.

But there are many people who are silent in their world. You know why? Because they having 3G phones LOL.

So now be out of worry and do not blame your 3G phone you can use in which Reliance Jio 4G sim following this trick. There some requirements which should be on your mobile phone operating currently.

use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in all 3G phone

The technique, I am gonna to show that is very simple and easy to implement for us. You are not going or need to change the hardware part of the device. I will guide you to how to get 4G network in 3G phone to make use of the Reliance Jio sim card.

Methods to use jio 4g sim in 3g mobile? Android Phones

There are several methods and tips which can enable 4G network for your 3G phone so please do not go back to leaving this quickly. You can try again to another method.

Here is my first tip!

I hope, You Having MediaTek Chipset Processor Enabled 3G phone devices:

You can check your processor to just downloading the CPU-Z application. It is a very low size of the application, I don’t remember but it will be less than 2 MB of an app which will show all hardware configure your device so please check that and then go ahead.

This is the very much easy method to implement if your phone is lass to MediaTek Chipset Processor. I also having one so tried it and finally it works well. Now I will show the main to make it possible, I know you are so much waiting for this moment.

Beware – You can not realize, what you are going to do with your phone. The device can be in very big trouble to using this trick. But if you agree and want to take a risk for 4G then lets make it just.

  • Here, You have to download again an application known as MTK engineering mode. Click here.
  • Please install then launch that.
  • There will be an option as “MTK setting” then Select Network Selecting/Preferred Network Option.
  • Whoa! You have made it.

Now check your device, You will see some more option in the network mode section. So you can choose these networks 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM as network mode. You have to restart your phone after selecting the new network mode. Yes, You are ready to rock. Just insert your Jio sim card in the sim 1 slot and enjoy 4G.

Qualcomm Chipset Processor Phone Devices

This just one another methods to get 4G network in 3G phones. If you are not much lucky and do not have MediaTek processor based android phone then I hope you are running with Qualcomm Chipset Processor based phone. The way we will use that is not much similar but we need an another app.

First of all, we have to check our processor with the CPU – Z application. If there is showing Qualcomm Chipset Processor then just follow the steps below.

  • The very first thing we have to install a new app called as Shortcut Master (Lite). Click here to download.
  • When you will open the Shortcut Master (Lite), There will be something like three dots at right top side.
  • Just open the menu to search it – “Engineering Mode or Service Menu.”
  • Now select “System app” to search in deep.

There may appear an option If you got that then access to change LTE Bands If that is not working well work. Don’t worry much In case you could not find any kind of option like this. You have to try another method to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim card in all android 3G Phones.

As I said at the starting that you will get two options “Engineering Mode or Service Menu.” Now time to go with Engineering Mode. Just click on that for change the band to LTE.

If you are not getting these both options then also I an another way to make it possible. You have to dial this number *#2263#. Now select the menu option and get back to select again menu option. The just enter these four digits 0000 and you will see some more options.

Please do all things carefully now!

Just we have to select UE Settings From that Popup window after entering 0000. after that Select setting>protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band> The Select “Band 40”.

Yes! You are champion dude 🙂 Just insert your Jio 4G Sim card in the device and restart that. There will be the 4G network in the 3G phone. Now you are ready to use unlimited jio welcome offer where everything is free.

How To Use Reliance 4G Jio Sim Card In Moto G Series 3G Phones?

Motorola is one of the best mobile brands which provide a high quality of Android smartphones in the market with a good value of price. It has released many 4G phones as well as 3G phones. The problem is Jio, How can we use Jio sim card in the Moto G phones? Yes, that is very simple and possible to make it in a very easy way.

I know only one method. That is completely different to others. In which, We do not have to download any kind of application even changing our device information. You just have to dial some digits to your phone and perform some tasks and that’s it only.

There is no need to the internet because we have not anything to install that requires an internet connection. So that will be a very cheapest trick to all which we used in above.

Here are the methods we have to follow them as shown-

  • First of all, You have to type these digits – *#*#4636#*#* then dial that.
  • You will move on the other screen.
  • Now, You have to select “Phone Information.”
  • Just do small Scroll down there will be some options so please find the “Set Preferred Network Type >> then Click on the drop down menu to Select the LTE/GSM auto (PRL) option. Close that now.

Do the same procedure, Get your 4G sim card on the phone. Please restart that again and you will see the network.

How To Use Jio 4G In Coolpad Note 3 phone?

I know the Cooplad note 3 is a 4G device. But there is a problem with APN (Access point name) so here I am going to how to create APN for Jio 4G sim card to access the unlimited internet, calling and more.

This is little out of topic. But I having this smartphone. When I first insert my Jio card in the coolpad, not 3 there was no problem with the network. I got networks very well but no internet access because of there was not access points name to run the internet.

Here is the complete guide to creating Jionet APN For Coolpad note 3: Please open setting to select sim card management option. There you can check that the sim card is inserted or not well. You can also check it looking the network from the bottom of the home screen. Lets perform on these steps-

  • Open the Setting menu then clicks on more option from below of Bluetooth.
  • Select access point names.
  • Tap and press on the recent button.
  • You will see an option to create APN, Just tap on that and set the name of APN as jionet.

Now there will be many fields such as a piece of from. that is the main part to do. Please do that very carefully. Your one mistake even word form & spelling can get you in trouble to access the internet.

Methods to use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in any 3G Phone – FAQs (Apps Info Only)

What is the MTK engineering mode application and How it works for what?

This application is kind of tool which use IT people or who like to root their phone, Changing information about them etc. If you have no idea about this tool then I will recommend doing not use it anymore. There is one more issue to install it, You must have MediaTek processor based device to run it.

How does work the CPU-Z?

It is very popular application which is used to know all information your android device CPU (Central Process Unit.) You can all the report by paying nothing. The very good this is that we can use its service in free without paying money means completely free of cost. No download charges, as well as no usage charges, will apply.

There are few features of the CPU-Z app.

Soc (System On Chip) name, architecture, clock speed for every core.

System information : We can get almost everything about our android system. The device brand (Made by which company) even the real model, screen resolution, as well as what is the actual RAM & storage.

Battery information : You can get much more things about android phone better such as the level, status, temperature, and the capacity that having your device battery.

The another is Sensors. We check our sensor feature or some information about that to use of the CPU – Z application.

Note – You have to do everything at your own risk. I will not be responsible if you losing your device.

These all tips and tricks will help you to get all access of Jio welcome offer in a 3G phone. By following all of these mentioned methods we can use Reliance Jio Sim in all 3G Android Phones. Please do all steps very carefully, You have to care about what have to actually do. Do not do anything you have not idea about that otherwise the phone device can get problems to run well.

I know you are looking for a great trick and searching for How to use jio 4g sim in 3g mobile. I hope this article could stop your troubling. There may few more tips & tricks that will be shared in our next update.

Paytm ADD10 Offer Complete Guide – How Add Cash Quickly?

Paytm ADD10 Offer – This not kinds of Paytm new add money offer. I think it was started before few month ago but users still looking for make use of ADD10 Offer of Paytm. This is a really a very good post for those people who searching for Paytm add money offer for old user.

Paytm ADD10 Offer trick to utilities

About – In which, There is no limitation such as an old user or new user. Everyone can use this but if the user is already selected by Paytm. Selected means – You will get a message on your registered mobile number about this offer. If you are one of them who got this SMS then do not miss this opportunity to get free Paytm cash.

Here, We will apply the new promo code for add money. I will tell everything in more details with easy steps which following you can learn about to add cash quickly using the ADD10 coupon code.

Methods To Add Cash Quickly In Paytm Wallet Using ADD10 Promo Code:

There are some very easy methods, I will show them in steps below. I will also recommend using Paytm app while availing this offer to avoid any kind of error. Using the app, We can make everything in a very easy way.

Do not go ahead if you did not get any message from Paytm to use Paytm add10 offer. Below is complete guide on Paytm ADD10 Offer.

  1. Please click here to download the application.
  2. Now create an account otherwise log in with your old account.
  3. In the app, there will be an icon like wallet just tap on that.
  4. Enter the amount ₹10 to load your wallet.
  5. In the next step, You have to apply this code – ADD10
  6. Please see carefully that key is working properly or not then proceed on.

Once all of these steps done successfully, Please wait for 24 hours your money will be added within some hours. This scheme is not for a long time It can expire anytime depending on the company. They have all rights to make changes in which. That’s why I will tell to make use of this article – Paytm ADD10 Offer Complete Guide and learn how we can load money quickly.

Update – Here I am making an update of this add10 offer of Paytm. You may use this still, If you did not make it yet then please do not leave this opportunity.

Yepme Refer and Earn Offer – How To Earn Yepme Free Points?

Yepme is the one of Online product selling application & website. We can purchase several kinds of products from there such as Shirts, Jeans, T-Shirts etc. In this article, I am going to tell about “Yepme Refer and Earn offer” through which we will earn some kinds of points which can be redeemed as money to use purchase goods.

Yepme Refer and Earn Offer

Update – Here, I am going to inform you all that it is still active. I will make a new update for this post very soon, Thank you 🙂

Now doing fashion going to be more easy & cheaper with this trick. In which you will have to share the Yepme application with other people who do no know about it or not installed that app yet. On each refers, You will get 101 Yepme points which are worth some money in rupees. I will tell about that in details at the below section of the post.

Yepme Refer And Earn Offer – Methods To Earn Yepme Points

Before getting start main steps – I would like share one most important points which making me in very confusion. As I know, It is working for only android users only but this is not 100% sure information. Please be sure and do it at your own risk using any other OS.

Now, We will start the main methods through which we have earn Yepme points. Those are as follows below –

  • This is about sharing application & earning so first we will have to download Yepme app. Click here…
  • Please sign-up to get an account.
  • Now find the option of this offer.

There will be a link which has to copy. You will also get a code to share with your people. When anyone downloading using your shared link and getting an account using that code then the refer reward value will credit in your app. You can see everything using the Yepme app.

We do not have use any new yepme promo code even yepme referral codes.

Are you looking for Yepme refer and earn unlimited points trick? I think yes 🙂 Do not worry anymore If there is any trick like that or getting any trick which is legal I would like to share with my all visitors to making updating of this post.

This is not like this, I would like to share more information about this refer and earn the offer from Yepme but not now due to my personal reason. I tried to share all the points which are necessary following them we can make it possible in a very easy form. So hope, You get it very well. Please say your voice, If there is trouble just share with me. You will get help very soon from me.

ChampOne C1 Mobile Price & Features- How To Book?

ChampOne C1 mobile phone – Do you know about this, I think you would like to know. This is the new upcoming cheapest android smartphone in the Indian market. Last time, We saw some more mobiles such as freedom 251 etc. This one is little different to all of them. I have seen the pictures of it, The phone looks is the awesome comparison to the price of ChampOne C1 Smartphone.

Here are all points which we will see under this post-

  • ChampOne Price In India.
  • ChampOne Complete features & Specifications.
  • How to register ChampOne mobile?

Those are points will my main aim to show through this article. Before, I start writing more please write this line carefully – Anything I am writing here that are not completely true because didn’t use or see that phone yet so each information is collected from the internet. There can be peace of mistakes but I will try to write in a better way and show you all the correct information.

ChampOne C1 Price In India

The actual launching price is ChampOne smartphone is ₹501. Where Freedom 251 was launched in the cheaper price comparison of this. After all, the price is very affordable for all. If we are getting an android smartphone which supporting 4G then I don’t think there any other best deal like that.

ChampOne C1 Features & Complete Specifications

If we care about the pricing then Champion hardware specification and features are so much worthful. The processor is very good and the latest one – 1.3GHz.

Camera – Sample Pictures:

There are no sample pictures to show here but we can imagine how we can capture photos. The camera quality is quite well which comes with 8 Mega-Pixel rear & 2 Mega-Pixel front. You will see more other features there to take good pictures. You may also shoot HD videos because there are many smartphones having same pixel camera and shooting HD videos very well.

Register ChampOne C1 Online

I am still working there, You will get an update soon in which with booking link for this awesome phone.

Listup App Loot – Get ₹10 Free Paytm Cash To Sign-Up

Listup app loot trick – This is a new application through which we can make free Paytm Cash on sign up and refer. There are many apps which help us to make free mobile recharge, Cash, Discounts but mostly works for Android only. This is little different to other and available for several mobile operating system users. The very best part of this application we that can download it for android as well as iOS. for downloading, Installing , and create an account you will get ₹10 Paytm cash absolutely free.

Listup App Loot

I read the reviews of Listup app, It was very good. There are lots of people who did it and they got success. Many of comments are positive. I will recommend, you also to use it.

How To Earn ₹10 Free Paytm Cash Via Listup app loot Trick?

At the beginning, we have to install this. Please click here go to download. After opening the link, There will be an option to choose your mobile platform android or iOS. Now start downloading. Once the install process completed please follow these steps-

  • You have to open the app and login with your Facebook account.
  • After logging please apply this promo code to get bonus – 155n6y
  • That’s it only, Now you are eligible to get free Paytm Cash worth ₹10.

How To Redeem earned Paytm Cash?

There is no any big amount to be able to redeem your earnings. ₹10 is enough and it allows to redeem so please follow this guide. First, you have to Goto Menu >> Refer friends >> Transfer to Paytm wallet.

Refer and earn unlimited trick for listup app:

Doing refer and earn methods we can earn unlimited Paytm Cash using listup app. Lets see how it is possible?  Go to Menu >> Refer Friends >> There will be a link just copy that. Now share that link with your other forends. After one refer you will get ₹10 Paytm Cash free again.

Update – Still we can make utilize of this trick. You should not miss this opportunity 🙂 The methods which I shared in above that are the same. Just start following them to make Paytm Cash for free. If you have any kind of trouble of want to get help in which. Just ask me freely, I will try to clear your doubts.

About listup app – It is an app and website to buy & sell products. To use this we can sell our new or old goods very easily. You can also find a very easy way to earn money such as we made free Paytm cash to using listup app loot trick.

How Get Airtel Unlimited FREE Calling? – Complete Guide

Complete Guide On Airtel Unlimited Free Calling Service – In our recent article I talked about to get Airtel Free 10GB Internet Offer.

In this post, I will show more interesting and beneficial offer through which you can enjoy unlimited local & STD calling for Airtel in India. Lets see how is this possible?

Airtel free Calling for unlimited.

First, I would like to tell some its limitations:

  • We can avail this offer for GSM & CDMA sim cards.
  • You must have taken a broadband connection to do this.

There are many benefits of Using Airtel broadband connection:

  • It has very high speed.
  • Low costing comparison to mobile data plans.
  • We can connect more one system using one single device, router.
  • You don’t need to think about the network. Just use it freely anytime.

There are much more other advantages of using Airtel broadband connection. This is not my main topic so don’t want to go in the deep. It has also kinds of limitation such as we can not move this easily with us. It is good for only home & organization usage not for traveling.

After all,We got that must have a broadband connection to enjoy free unlimited calling with Airtel. So if you having this type of network then please proceed on to avail it.

Methods To Getting Unlimited Free Local & STD Calling With Airtel:

Please follow steps below –

  • Establish a new connection, Click here to view more information.
  • Select the plan you have buy and also choose the city where you want to establish.
  • Proceed with some other basic process such as Address, Mobile number etc.

There will be some internet plans which choosing we can get Unlimited callings for free. Here is the almost each cities name where this facility is providing currently. I may miss some cities name, It will be better to ask customer care to verify your location.

  • Bangalore
  • Chandigarh
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Faridabad
  • Gurgaon
  • Ghaziabad
  • Hyderabad
  • Noida
  • Ludhiana – Perhaps.

I have tried to mention each point about Free Airtel unlimited Calling trick. If you having trouble to get it then please share your problem in the comment below. I will try to reply quickly with a correct answer.

Reliance 10GB Free Internet Offer – Get 10GB Data To Paying ₹56 Only

In my recent article, I written an article about Airtel Free 10GB Internet Offer. Now it is time for Reliance 10GB free internet offer. This is not valid for all users, Only selected user can made. Here, You have to pay only ₹56 to get Free 10GB 3g Internet data on your Reliance number.

The price of this pack is very cheaper according the providing data amount. It is valueable worth up to approx ₹500 now which is available in just ₹56.

As I said it is a selected user offer not valid with all Reliance customers. You can also check that you are eligible for this spacial offer or not. Just dial *129# to confirm your eligibilty. Please must be sure otherwise you can loose your money.

How To Get Reliance 10GB Free Internet Offer?

There are some steps which follwing we can avail this offer in a very easy way.

  • First of all, You have to dial this USSD code using your reliance sim card – *129#
  • Now, A pop window will appear there will be shown as “Super 10 GB Data offer.”
  • To subscribe this offer, You have to reply that number which is pointed there as activate key.

Have not enough mobile balance? If see this offer in appeared window then you can also make recharge via store or other recharge apps such as FreeCharge, Paytm, Mobikiwik etc.

I hope, You are a Reliance user and It is valid with you. Nowadays Reliance company relly doing very well for Indian. I also hope that the compnay will solve the common people high cost internet & Calling charges. This is the only one company which always presents something very new & awesome services as well as technologies in low price.

This Reliance 10GB Free Internet Offer has no expiry date, It can close anytime without sending us any kind prior notice. Please do it very soon.

Airtel Free 10GB Internet Offer – Lets See How to Get?

Airtel comes up with a new offer to provide us Free 10GB 3g/4g Internet. As we know – One side reliance is providing 4G Jio sim cards with free internet, Free Calling etc for three months. There is much similarity there. Both have some selected smartphone having users can enjoy these services.

Airtel offering 10GB free internet for only people who having Samsung J series phones. Reliance is also doing same but there is nothing in a limit, Everything is unlimited for three months. Reliance also giving these facilities for Samsung users but not for only J series. Here is the complete list of Samsung galaxy series –

  • A5 2015 & A5 2016.
  • A7 2015 & A7 2016.
  • A8.
  • Note 5 even duos.
  • Note edge.
  • S6, edge, and its Plus version.
  • S7 & edge

This list is much old so there can be more Samsung and other brands phone which allows reliance company to get Jio preview offer.
Note – This offer is about 4G But if you are living in only 3g enable states then no worry, You will get complete 10GB data but only 1Gb Can be used in the day as 3G. Other 9Gb Data we can use as night pack (12am-6am).

How To Get Airtel Free 10GB Offer With Samsung J series Phone?

To get a start, You should have a Samsung J series smartphone which must be active with an Airtel sim card. You should also have mobile data pack already activated to perform on this offer. Do not try this offer by connecting with any wifi network , It allows only mobile internet.

  • Here is the offer page please visit now.
  • After opening the offer page, There will be some kinds of steps to follow so please proceed on with them.
  • Actually, This is not completely free, We have to pay Rs.250 to activate this offer.
  • Once you have done the payment that’s it only. Now You will have 10GB 4G internet.

This Airtel 10GB Free 3G/4G Data will be achieved by only using J series & Airtel mobile number or internet. Please make use of this soon as possible because it can expire any time with sending us any kind of notice.

SavvyMob App Hotel booking Offer – Get ₹1000 off and ₹3000 Per Refer

SavvyMob App Hotel booking Offer, Refer and earn methods – It been a very long time that I didn’t provide any offers and free recharge tricks. Today I am back with new an exclusive application to get discounts on booking hotels. So Now, Your travelling going to be much beneficial to using this.There is one more very interested facility, Refer and earn money for SavvyMob app. To joining this program we can also get an opportunity to collect some money which can be used while booking hotels.

With the use of SavvyMob App, You will get ₹1000 to sign-up only. If you want to make more money then join its invite program.

There is one more very interested facility, Refer and earn cash for SavvyMob app. To joining this program we can also get an opportunity to collect some money which can be used while booking hotels. You just have to share this application with others who don’t know about it. On each complete and successful refer we can earn till ₹3000.

SavvyMob App Hotel Hooking Offer – How To Get ₹1000 off SavvyMob App?

This is a very easy method. You just have to install its application from google play store. Then please create an account. You will get ₹1000 free amount as joining bonus. This amount can be used for our booking payments. This method or offer will not run for a long time. It can expire anytime if you are here then lets get it out now. The joining bonus amount very valuable.

How To Get ₹3000 Per Refer?

Once the app has been installed and joined, please open Invite Friends Option. There you can see all the information & steps which have to do to get ₹3000. You have to get the link and your referral code. Start sharing with your people to enjoy the free money.

The application is about booking rooms online at cheapest prices. There is a slogan as “Last Minute Hotels.” I don’t know what is meaning of this. Here are some key features which we should know.

  • Discounted Last Minute Hotel prices.
  • They providing best value hotels for us.
  • Fast & secure payment gateway – We just have to complete only three steps to book.
  • We can also earn credits for our family to inviting others people for this.
  • It allows showing your saving on social medias like Facebook & twitter which can be a motivation for your many friends.
  • The bonus – Slide App Loot Trick – Earn Free Mobile Recharge & Mobikwik Cash.

These are the some most features but not only. There are several kinds of way and methods using we can save & get discounts on booking hotel rooms. I hope You will make use of this SavvyMob App Hotel Booking Offer to get discounts on hotel booking.